Capital:  Durazno

Pupulation:  55.600 hab.

Area:  12.207 km2

Pupulation density:  4,7 inhab./km2



Durazno (city)


The city of Durazno is located in the heart of the country. It is famous for its popular festivals, beaches on the Yí River and its cheerful inhabitants. It is a place with a temperate climate and very little variation in temperature, which is just waiting to be discovered all year round. It is ssituated in the largest department in the country which is, together with Flores, also the least densely populated.




The capital, and the department as a whole, both have a rich tradition of recreational fishing that takes place throughout the year, both in the Yí and Negro Rivers and large streams and in the lakes Rincón del Bonete and Baygorria.

Attractions in Durazno include the Hispanidad Park, located a few kilometers from the city and where the most important events in the region take place, such as the Folklore Festival and the ‘Meeting of the Gauchos’.  Durazno also hosts the first “llamadas of the countryside”, where the whole city vibrates with the beat of the drums.

In the capital Durazno, tourists cannot miss the church of San Pedro Parish which, after suffering a fire, was reformed and is now considered an architectural gem due to its style which was both modern and advanced for its time.



Main Attractives



The church of San Pedro Parish.

Occupies the same site where the village’s original temple stood. The current building is the result of a long construction process that began in the late 19th century. It is a monumental construction which bears the signature of the famous Eladio Dieste.


El Sauzal Beach.

Located on the banks of the Yí River as it passes in front of the city, this extensive stretch of sandy beach is where the largest concentration of bathers from Durazno and its catchment area convene in the summer.


Park and Zoo.

At kilometer 183 along National Route 5 you will find the municipal zoo, considered one of the best in the country.





Immersed in the ‘5 Senses’ Route


With its hotels and rich offer in gastronomy, Durazno is part of the “5 Senses Route” program, along with the departments of Montevideo, Canelones, and Florida. The drive along the 5 Senses Route was originally proposal to develop tourism along 180 kilometers involving the capital cities of the aforementioned departments.
For the first time an organized interdepartmental effort was made to establish Route 5 as piece of our national identity and example of a shared project. Farms, bodegas, vineyards, cheese shops, apiaries, hotels, ranches for tourists, and lodges are all part of the 5 Senses Route program. At every stop, well rounded and traditional services are offered that make up this original experience in gastronomy, culture and leisure. The Route is recommended for people of all ages, and its tours can be adapted for families, groups, and also individual travelers, nationals or foreigners.
The recommended stops of the Route in Durazno are El Nazareno Hotel, Hotel del Country, El Silencio Inn/Ranch, and the Pan y Vino Restaurant.

Recommended in the neighboring departments: Bouza Bodega, Rincón del Sol Farm and the Moizo Farm in Montevideo; Bella Vista Cabin, Juanicó Establishment, Bartora Bodega, Frambuesalandia, Hotel Oriental and Casa Filgueria Bodega in Canelones; M. Brancaccio Apiary, El Ceibo Ranch and Inn, Sueño Alto Ranch and Santa Rita Apiary (La Comarca County House) in Florida.
More information:
E-Mail:  ruta5@paseoruta5sentidos.com.uy
Telephone: (+598) 43620176


Source: Ministry of Tourism



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