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Maldonado - Tourist information - Uruguay A-Z Travel Guide




Capital:  Maldonado

Population:  120.000 hab.

Area:   4.793 Km2

Population density:  26,2 hab./km2




Punta del Este


The beach resort of Punta del Este offers multiple attractions to enjoy with your family. Adventures in motion, cozy natural surroundings and stories of treasures and pirates are just around the corner. You only need to schedule your activity The following is a listing of some of the must-sees to keep the kids smiling during the holidays.


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Museo del Mar (Museum of the Sea)
Eight thousand snails of different sizes and colors, whales, stars and seahorses are part of the elements of interest in this museum that is ideal to visit with the family. The little ones delight in listening to stories of treasures, buccaneers and corsairs. One of the attractions is the largest mussel in the world. Before leaving the museum families are to solve several enigmas such as why sharks do not attack in Uruguay or why sea turtles cry when taken out of the sea.
Contact: + (598) 42771817
Location: 1km from Puente de la Barra (La Barra Bridge)



Adventures in Solanas
Paintball, Laser Games, quad biking, guided horse riding and canopy are just part of the Solanas Vacation Club proposals. All activities can be enjoyed by the whole family, adults and children. The interesting thing is that to participate in them you do not need to be a member of the club.
Contact information: www.solanasaventura.com
Tel: 42578540 int. 2006/8750
Cel. (00598) 999088626



Go for a ride on an electric bike
This new environmentally friendly proposal for the whole family is at Gorlero 1035. You can rent or buy super comfortable and ecological electric bicycles.



Visit the sea lions
40 minutes from the port of Punta del Este, in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, is one of the largest reserves of sea lions in the world. Visitors are not allowed to go ashore, but they can contemplate the sea lions from the boat.
The rides cost approximately USD 50 per person. Find more information at the Port of Punta del Este.



Visit Gorriti Island
An excellent alternative to enjoy with the family is to visit the Gorriti Island and its picturesque beaches. Although visitors can see the whole island in 2 hours, it is a good idea to make it a day there. Boats leave from the port of Punta del Este every day, weather provided.



Round trip price: USD10 (aprox).
In summer, departures take place every half hour from 9 am.




Connect with nature at Arboretum Lussich – See map
It is one of the most diverse forest reserves of imported species in the world and a magical environment to connect with nature whether for  hiking in the woods or cycling.
During the tour it is possible to take refuge in gazebos and shady spaces that are ideal for family picnics.


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La Barra


An old fishing village, located just a few kilometers from Punta del Este, Barra de Maldonado has become one of the favorite places for tourists of all ages. Characterized by its style, its seascape with beautiful beaches, the colorful architecture of its houses, the permanent movement of art galleries, antique shops and the flea market.


The town boasts restaurants of different styles, pubs and discos that attract young people to its streets in search of fun and turn the night into something special.


The Puente de la Barra (the bridge), which enables to cross Arroyo Maldonado (Maldonado Crrek) is one of the major symbols of the region and tourism in Uruguay. It was built in 1965 and its second section was finished in 1999 to decongest traffic.



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This resort is the result of a visionary who left his unique stamp on the area. Long beaches and high hills characterize the area and create an ideal environment for resting.

Piriápolis is the vision of a visionary and its status as such is reflected at every corner. It was founded in 1893, at the height of the Belle Époque, by Francisco Piria, businessman, alchemist and character if ever there was one, who originally christened it Balneario del Porvenir, a name that would, over time, become a sentence. Here, long beaches and high hills characterize the area and create an ideal environment for resting.


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The town has the merit of having arisen as the result of a meticulous plan to attract the Uruguayan and Argentinean aristocracy of the late nineteenth century.

Getting to know it well entails delving into its history, symbols, traditions and its rich past which gives it a unique identity in the present.

Piriápolis has magnificent buildings and an extensive waterfront promenade, a replica of the French Biarritz, the enormous Argentino Hotel which was, for many years, the largest in South America, and the enigmatic Piria Castle. Its beaches are located along a 25 km stretch of coastline, from the Solís River to Punta Negra. All of them have white sands and clean water and receive thousands of tourists every summer from Uruguay, Argentina and Europe. To the west, some of the more attractive are: Playa Grande, Playa Verde, Playa Hermosa, Las Flores and Bella Vista.

Piriápolis has a wide range of options to have fun and to suit all tastes: parks, water sports, chairlifts, walkways for hiking, rappelling, and horseback riding are just some of the alternatives which are combined with wide-ranging dining and accommodation options. The resort also has several areas for sport fishing. In addition to the local harbor and its jetties there are other points such as Punta Fría, Punta Colorada and Punta Negra which are ideal for fishing sea bass and mackerel.

In short, Piriápolis has the magic of appearing old and modern at the same time. Its hills, vast boulevards and dream-like beaches appear as if they have been pampered over time.


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