Capital:  Salto

Population:  117.597 hab.

Area:  14.360 km2

Population density:  8,2 hab./km2


The city of Salto is located on the Banks of the Río Uruguay to the north, on the border with Argentina. Its origins date back to 1756, but its growth really began in the mid-19th century, when it was already recognized as one of the most important cities in the country.


In Salto you can eat the juiciest oranges in Latin America and the freshest blueberries in the region. A major producer of wool, the main hydroelectric generating center in the country and home to renowned artists such as the writers Horacio Quiroga and Marosa di Giorgio or plastic artists such as Petrona Viera, Salto overflows with tourist attractions.


It is the countryside city with the highest number of National Historic Landmarks such as the port area, the Larrañaga Theater, the Museum of Plastic Arts, and the traditional 18 de Julio Market. The hot springs are, without a doubt, the main attraction at an international level. Three large, first class complexes and two top quality water parks arouse the interest of visitors from around the world.



Main Attractives




Feel the adrenaline of the water parks


In the department of Salto, in the geothermal water region of the Daymán, is Acuamanía, South America’s first thermal water park. Its design and construction were overseen by the same companies that designed the Disney water parks. The grounds measure 15,000 square meters designed specifically for fun, relaxation and comfort.



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Opening hours
The park’s services are available to all audiences from 10am to 6pm every day except Wednesdays. There is no charge for children under 3 years old.


Professional lifeguards on every pool and ride
First aid and specialized safety personnel
Changing rooms with toilets and showers
Food court and other stores


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Salto Grande Thermal Pools Water Park


This water park, located in the Salto Grande Termas, in the department of Salto, has an artificial wave pool, Scottish and Finnish showers, hydro-massage pools, and a giant waterfall, under which bathers can enjoy its powerful, relaxing jets.


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Open hours
The park’s services are available for all audiences and it remains open every day of the year from 10am to 8pm Monday through Friday and from 10am to 10pm on weekends. Children under 11 years old pay a reduced fare and there is no charge for children under 4. There is parking space, and modern changing rooms.


Professional lifeguards that watch over all pools
First aid and specialized personnel
Locker rooms with toilets and showers
Food court area and other stores



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Arapey Thermal Pools


As the first thermal springs in Uruguay, they have one of the more complete infrastructure and professional services. They were discovered by accident, when the National Geologic Institute was making petroleum drillings in the area.

There are several thermal pools surrounded by gardens of native vegetation, a place suitable for a visit at every time of the year.


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Photos by Salto Local Government





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The Salto Grande Dam


The dam is 69 meters high from the base and 39 meters above the level of the river. It has fourteen turbines and generates an annual energy output of 11,135,779 mw/h, which distributed in equal parts represents 6% of the energy consumption of Argentina and 60% of that of Uruguay.


salto grande dam


The Salto Grande Dam is a great tourist attraction for being the largest in the country and the first binational one in Latin America. There are guided tours of the facilities every Sunday. Hours: Monday to Sunday from 07:00 to 16:00 horas. Free of charge.



Salto Shopping Center

An unavoidable shopping trip, Salto Shopping Center is currently the largest shopping center in the north of the country, with all the services. Bus station, restaurants, cafes and cinemas are some of the options to enjoy in a warm and friendly environment.


The Las Cavas Beach

Located on the north coast, at its access point is the statue of Lemanja, lady of the Afro-Brazilian religion that worships the water.



Lake Salto Grande

Located 14 km from the city of Salto, the lake is formed by the reservoir of the Salto Grande Dam. It has natural observation circuits, white sandy beaches and forested parks. With a total area of 75,000 hectares it is ideal for water sports.



Salto Chico

Just 3 km to the north of the city you can find Salto Chico, an area of small waterfalls, beaches, fishing, nature and recreation. In front you can observe the rapids of the Río Uruguay and the place where the national hero Artigas crossed in 1811, starting the exodus of the Orientals.




Playing Golf on the Altos of the Arapey


This is a beautiful 18-hole course, par 73 for gentlemen and 72 for ladies, with a total yardage of 7200, located at the 564th kilometer of Route 3 in the Salto department. It offers an ideal environment for the sport’s lovers.


The course opened in 2011 and its design includes long mirrors of water that frame and elevate the game. It has an excellent Driving Range and Putting Green in which to practice comfortably. It also offers accommodations and all the services from the Altos del Arapey Hotel, and a well-equipped Club House which was designed to be a meeting point and brings forth the fraternity the game is known for.


Address: Termas del Arapey. Salto
Telephone: (5982) 9007358
Web site:
Construction: 2011
Designer: Ernesto Llovet
Hoyos 18- Ida 3648 – Vuelta 3552 – Total: 7.200 yds.

Source: Ministry of Tourism 



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