Capital:  Tacuarembó

Population:  84.600 hab.

Area:  15.969 km2

Population Density:  8,8 inhab./km2



Tacuarembó, “the heart of the country”, “the great homeland”, the “birthplace of Carlos Gardel” – is heart-shaped and has always managed to transcend and show its finery to the whole of Uruguay. Regardless of the 400 kilometers that separate it from the capital, it has stood out since the beginning of the century, when the Teatro Escayola (Escayola Theatre) premiered plays before the Solís Theatre in Montevideo, or the Colón Theatre in Buenos Aires.




Home to many great writers, musicians, artists and sportspeople, the inhabitants of Tacuarembó have always known how to make their mark on the national culture. In this corner in the north of Uruguay, cultural identity merges with everyday life. Around any corner, visitors may be surprised by a sculpture, the indigenous features of a resident or the presence of a gaucho.



Its landscape of flat hills and meadows and its natural wonders form the backdrop to films such as Corazón de Fuego (The Last Train), Artigas: La redota or Miss Tacuarembó.

Tacuarembó proudly exhibits sculptures and murals outdoors. Some 150 works can be enjoyed in public and private spaces in various parts of the department. In Tacuarembó there is no doubt: Gardel (Carlos Gardel, the tango Singer) is Uruguayan. They say that even sceptics about the nationality of the ‘magician’ who visit the museum leave it convinced that he is, indeed, Uruguayan. In short, the biggest department has plenty of charming surprises for the traveler.



Source: Book Tacuarembó, a large payment. 2012. – Municipality of Tacuarembó



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