Villa Serrana

Located between Penitente and Marmarajá creeks, this town is a magic place, not only for its location but also for its particular urbanization.


Little stone streets around the hills, coming up and down between wood cabins and houses built with native materials, inviting to walk around, ride on bikes or horses discovering the place’s charm.




Projected and built in 1945 by the architect Julio Vilamajó as a place for rest in an european way, it looks like a picture covered with the green of it vegetation, the orange of its roads and the funny colours of its houses.


You can visit the lake (ideal for fishing) and the “Ventorrillo de la Buena Vista” restaurant, a true symbol of the area.



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You can find accommodation in houses for rent, hotels and camping sites, as well as nice gastronomic proposals.


There are two main roads to access from Route 8, on the km. 139,5 and the km. 145 (reccommended).





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